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Exercise your "Adventurous Spirit."

Join Carmen and I (NJ Kayak) in the adventure and shared experiences exploring NJ's unique extensive wetlands while meeting new friends.

NJ kayak's Coastal Adventure Kayak Tours are designed for the Novice to Intermediate Advanced paddler looking to extend their paddling skills and confidence on the water.

The main differences between the Beginner / Novice and Intermediate / Advanced Coastal Kayak Tours are time & distance on water and the varying challenges of conditions as tides and currents guests may encounter.
Tour Of The Sedge Islands Island Beach State Pk., NJ Beginner / Novice
Kayaking the Sedge Islands of Island Beach State Park is one of my favorite on the whole East Coast. I never get tired of the diversity of wildlife and the exciting interaction of Barnegat Bay with Atlantic Ocean water. Many coastal sea birds can be observed with many white beaches and ever fluctuating sandbars to be explored. The Sedge Islands encompase the southern end of Island Beach State Park a division of NJ Parks and Forestry. Island Beach State Pk. is one of the few remaining undeveloped barrier beaches on the north Atlantic coast. Over 3,000 acres and 10 miles of coastal dunes remain almost untouched since Henry Hudson first described New Jersey's coast from the ship, the Half Moon, in 1609.
Beginner / Novice 1/2 day $95 pp 3-5 guests / $ 135 pp 2 guests
Intermidiate / Advanced Full Day $115 pp 3-5 guests / $155 pp 2 guests
skyTo participate in either the Beginner / Novice or Intermediate / Advanced Kayak Tours, guests must have prior experience in a true Coastal Sea Touring Kayak and process a reasonable physical ability for the tour description. Sme tours may require wet exit and recovery experience.

For your personal enjoyment and the enjoyment and safety of all, please evaluate and be honest
to the physical demands and the minimum skill requirements required for tour description.

Below are offered kayak tours. I am presently working on page details for each tour.

Please call (609) 618-5987or email for any information or reservations.

Beginner / Novice Kayak Tours
Intermediate / Advanced Kayak Tours
  • 1/2 Day Paddle 3-4 hours / 4-6 miles
  • No extended open water crossings
    with possible light challenges
  • Tide & Current influence possible
  • Pack light snack, etc.
  • Paddle Full Day 5-6 hours / 7-12 miles
  • Have wet exit and recovery experience
  • Open Water Crossings are planned
  • Possibility of challenging conditions as tides and currents
  • Pack for a day on the water as lunch, clothing, etc.

Osprey Nest Tour

Barnegat Inlet Sedge Islands
Conklin Island EBF Loop
Little Egg Inlet, Holgate, EBF
Gulf Point and Back Cross Barnegat Bay and Back Tour
Tour Sedge Is. High Bar Harbor (LBI) Manasquan Inlet Sea Kayak Tour

Most of our Novice Kayak Tours are from our ideal waterfront location on Barnegat Bay.

What makes our location ideal? NJ Kayak is surrounded by the Barnegat Division of the Edwin B. Forythe National Wildlife Refuge (EBF) which provides a rich and varied Coastal Kayak Touring experience unique to NJ and indeed the entire East Coast! Most of the Intermediate Kayak Tours are held at other exciting areas outside of our Barnegat location.map

409 East Bay Ave., Barnegat, NJ
609 phone (609) 618-5987

If not answered immediately, we will make every attempt to answer within 8 hours.