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Adventure In Your Own Backyard since 2000
Discover adventure by discovering Coastal Kayak Touring with NJ Kayak.

The weather forecast for the upcomming weekend of June 7 & 8 is spectacular with sunny clear low humidty skies.

Kick off your summer in a exciting new way by discovering the rewarding sport of kayaking and the unique beauty of the NJ wetlands.

409 East Bay Ave., Barnegat, NJ 609 phone 609 618-5987 email

Introduction to Coastal Kayak course provides the basic paddle skill levels
to navigate your own kayak to discovery.

Our Adventure Coastal Kayak Tours for
the Novice and the Intermediate paddler provides continued confidence growth.

Kayak Boot Camp
is our Fast Track kayak rescue course.

bill_carmenHi, we are Carmen & Bill Stage owners and chief kayak instructors / guides of NJ Jersey Kayak. Over the years
we have had the great pleasure of meeting and educating thousands of guests in the great sport of Coastal Kayak Touring.

We love the sport, the adventure, the comradeship and sharing our vast combined lifetime experiences and knowledge of adventure exploring on and off the water.

In our fourteenth season, we look forward to continue to provide our high standard of kayak education and to meeting new friends sharing adventure experiences.

marinaMany programs are from our ideal Marina location on Barnegat Bay, Barnegat, NJ. What makes our location ideal? NJ Kayak is surrounded by the Barnegat Division
of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (EBF) which provides a rich and varied Coastal Kayak Touring experience in NJ and indeed the entire East Coast!

lookingLooking for a new sport of healthy adventure?

Instructional Adventure Kayak Tours are planed throughout the greater EBF National Wildlife Refuge
which encompasses extensive areas throughout
Barnegat Bay and Little Egg.


409 East Bay Ave., Barnegat, NJ 609
(609) 618-5987

If not answered immediately,
we will make every attempt
to answer within eight hours.